Shri Narayan Ashram, Shivkuti, Prayagraj-211004
C.B.S.E Affiliation No: 2130781, School Code: 70023


The Student is assessed throughout the year by continuous learning and regular assessments. These assessments are divided into three categories

Literary skills

These assessments is based on the following criteria:
  1. Test based Assessment
    1. A student has put in a minimum of 75% of total working days:
      If not so On no other ground shall the absence of a student in appearing for an examination be condoned and for such absence, he/she will be marked "ABSENT" in the said examination.
    2. A student has obtained at least 33% marks in each subject individually and not less than 40% marks in aggregate.
    3. Projects and assessment should be submitted by students timely.
  2. Peer Assessment

    Regular assessment through Expression Series by Peer group of class and council members of that class organised for observation.

  3. Teacher Assessment

    Individual subject teachers along with Guest teachers of that class assessed the performance of students through viva voice.

Experiential learning skills

A student should be actively participate in each and every activity and project assessment for enhancing the potential and should maintain the record of it in the form of Portfolio and developed skills (ATLEAST TWO) out of 21st century skills provided by CBSE.

Life Skills

It is mandatory to appear in all Co-Scholastic Assessments. Provided that-

NOTE: In medical cases or the cases of special leave, the student may be conditionally promoted on special ground decided by the management.