Shri Narayan Ashram, Shivkuti, Prayagraj-211004
C.B.S.E Affiliation No: 2130781, School Code: 70023


Shree Narayan Ashram, Shivkuti, is a spiritual light house of Tirthraj Prayag, Allahabad. This has been propagating "Satya Sanatan Dharma" and thus enlightening the spiritual path in the heart of all human being, this is its main aim since 1948. God's incarnation of the modern age, Shri 1008 Shri Narayan Mahaprabhu was the founder and the spiritual head of the Ashram. She, renouncing the world at a tender age, spent her whole life practicing austere penance and benevolent activities.

In 1948 when she renouncing the world she was only 24 years of age but she was very fearless , kind , truthful and generous. She armed herself with the firm determination and taking the inspiration from Narayan Devi, decided to start the Ashram in its present site in Allahabad to propagate her spiritual teachings and philosophy. It was an uneven land full of wild plants and animals.

People were scared to come even in the middle of the day. But the great saint Shree Narayan Mahaprabhu built this Ashram in order to fulfill the command of her revered, learned and spiritual teacher Saint Permahansa Shri 1008 Shri Keshavanandji, Maharaj Yajurvedi. On account of its direction under her devoted patronage this vast place in its present form has become the pride of the divine conscious people at large. Shree Narayana Mahaprabhu had always been preaching service , love and compassion to all humanity. All livingly being are the manifestations of God and accordingly we should love and serve them.

Service is the prime object of the Ashram thought it endeavours to tell people to abstain from fraud, attachment and jealously. Gurudev Shri Narayan Mahaprabhu has always preached that every practitioner of religion should try to advance through knowledge to infinite eternity. Her aim was to lead the mankind to happiness through benrvolent feelings and to enlighten life through truth and non-violence. She was a true karmyogi. According to her, man must be active and perform his duties devoid of all attachments. All living being should be inspiration to those following these ideals and principles.



The parent centre of Shri Narayan Ashram is in Allahabad. This centre conducts the directions of the other centers. At present following are the full fledged other branches.

" Regular 'Satsangs' are being held at other centers and in almost every part of India. The Ashram guides every participant of the 'Satsangs' to purify the heart and fill it with true love for all humanity, kindle the light of love in every heart and eradicate the evil curtain of dualism. Shri Gurudev Narayan Mahaprabhu embressed Maha Samadhi and merged in the infinite on 1st April, 1976 during the holy time of Chaitri Nav-ratri. "