Shri Narayan Ashram, Shivkuti, Prayagraj-211004
C.B.S.E Affiliation No: 2130781, School Code: 70023


The S.M.P.P.S. is fuelled by our simple yet emboldening mission statement: To provide quality education for empowerment.

The S.M.P.P.S. vision is to create a replicable model of education that fosters every child in our care. Set in a fun, empowering and values-based learning environment, S.M.P.P.S. seeks to engage young minds and ensure they enjoy being at school.

Mentors at S.M.P.P.S. believe that each child is worthy of our respect and attention. Together, we work to unlock their potential, lead them to discover opportunities and strive for personal excellence within a collaborative culture that fosters team work.

" Education at S.M.P.P.S, goes beyond the ordinary and offers a blend of intellectual, personal and social development. Leading by example, we strive to inculcate in our children a spirit of compassion and commitment to society and environment, preparing them to competently engage in society. S.M.P.P.S. recognises that children today are strapped to a society that forces them to grow up far too quickly. "