Principal's Corner


Dear Parents and Students,



Warm and heartiest welcome to all at SMPPS for one more adventurous year 2019-20, full of excitement, Nourished with all sorts of activities for the development of Mind, soul and to bloom as Divine, Pure, Patriotic Personality.

SMPPS is bound to work in connecting Head, Hand and Heart seeking scientific temperament and spirit of enquiry.

Dear parents we ensure for safe and healthy environment, Integrated Teaching and Learning, Practicing harmony and Addressing Individual differences under the guidance of Exuberant, Tolerant, qualified and Confident Teachers, We expect your guidance and support to walk together to shape students into future responsible citizen of the society.

Dear students, keep faith in yourself, your parents and your guiders. To get success and confidence follow small steps every day.


(i) Well begun is half done, Learn time Management.

(ii) Eat right, take quality sleep.

(iii) Follow fitness schedule.

(iv) Meditate and relax every day for ten minutes.

(v) Make habit of reading good books, News papers.

(vi) Visualize your day, keep update yourself.

Dear students, remember always that you are a Gem of your parents, important part of the Society and Nation. It’s your only who can “DO THE BEST”. With love and best wishes

Smt. Ravinder Birdie
Narayan Ashram Shivkuti Prayagraj